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Christian Education Opportunities for all Ages

We offer a variety of Christion Education opportunities for growing Christians of all ages.  Children begin Sunday mornings in worship, for about fifteen minutes.  After the Time with Children, they are excused to Sunday School.  Sunday School concludes at 10:30 AM, which coincides with the end of worship.  Our Adult Education class, 2nd @ Second meets at 10:45 AM, following worship.  A staffed nursery is available the entire morning.  We invite you to join us this Sunday!

Young Children and Worship

This program for children ages 3-7 invites children to encounter God through a unique storytelling experience. Children meet with a trained storyteller to hear the stories of the Bible who asks guiding questions to help dig deeper. Children are then offered many ways to respond to the story; through their own storytelling, building with blocks and materials, or using art supplies.


Workshop Rotation Sunday School

Students in grades 2-8 are engaged in weekly workshops that allow them to explore Bible stories and themes in ways they learn best. Workshops include a wide range of activities, including creative movement, drama, science, cooking, construction, visual arts, and games.


Senior High Sunday School

Using the stories of other teenagers as a springboard, students consider the issues that are most relevant to them and the impact of a Christian perspective on their lives.

Presbyterian Youth Group (PYG)

All students in grades 6-12 are invited for PYG following worship on Sunday mornings for fellowship, games, and discussion. This group also meets for many special events, including a ski trip, fall corn maze, summer canoe trip, lock-ins, movie nights, bonfires, bowling, and holiday parties. Youth also participate in an annual, week-long mission trip each summer.

Adult Education (2nd @ Second)

Following Sunday worship, an adult class meets in the library for various Christian education opportunities. Bible studies, movie series, and book studies are just some of the types of programs previously used for fellowship and discussion.

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